iB Presents: Creating A Culture of Audacious Results

“If you own a business card, then you hold the power to impact change.”

institute B presents ‘Creating A Culture of Audacious Results’ – a 2 day course designed specifically for developing you and your business.

Audacious Results will be lead by the institute B team. We’ve helped shape the cultural foundations of some of the highest performing companies in the world, including lululemon athletica, IKEA, Starbucks and Microsoft. Meet us HERE.

Through intensive leadership bootcamps, corporate interventions, ChangeMaker seminars, peer circles and a la carte services, institute B will support, empower, educate and inspire you to make the changes you need to break through the status quo. Be prepared for ruthless, yet compassionate self-analysis and self discovery. Raise the bar for yourself as a leader and create a roadmap for evolving your organization.

To get a flavor of what to expect at ‘Creating A Culture of Audacious Results’, please take a few moments to look at our PPT presentation HERE and our Skool Principal, Darrell Kopke discuss creating abundance from generosity in his most recent TEDx talk:

When: September 24th & 25th (9am-5pm)
Where: Granville Island Hotel, Vancouver
Cost: $1500/person, with group rates available. Inquire HERE for rate details.

If you are interested in attending please apply HERE or email directly for cost of entry and more information.

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6 Responses to iB Presents: Creating A Culture of Audacious Results

  1. Please send me the costs for the course.

  2. instituteB says:

    We will be in touch shortly, Kehree. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Micky says:

    sign me up please.

  4. instituteB says:

    Hi Micky, thanks for your interest! We will be sending you an email shortly with further details about the course, and in the meantime, you can apply to be a apart of it here:

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